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Watt are National Park Partners?

We live and love the National Park!

Nowhere else in the world there is a landscape like our homeland. The extent of the mudflat landscapes and the particular combination of sands, dunes, salt marshes, islands and Halligen make the landscape unique. So unique that UNESCO declared the Wadden Sea a World Heritage Site.

We are proud of our region - and we protect and promote it. Us - the many, many people who live and work in and around the National Park. Hoteliers or mudflat guides, ship owners or restaurant owners - we have all chosen to commitment to protecting our environment. As National Park Partners we meet criteria that guarantee an environmentally friendly holiday in the Wadden Sea National Park that is full of experiences.

With us you can be sure that: Holidays with National Park Partners are particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We are a quality provider - your needs and desires are important to us.

We are regionally committed and motivated.We see ourselves as ambassadors of the National Park idea.

We are your friendly and competent advisor in National Park matters.

As a guest you are part of us and the National Park. Your reservation at a National Park Partner supports the protection of nature. This means that future generations will also be able to experience the uniqueness of the Wadden Sea. We look forward to seeing you!

Here you will find a short introduction to partner initiatives throughout Germany.


The National Park Partnerships project is a collaboration between the National Park Administration, municipalities, conservation organizations and companies in the region that have a close connection with Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. The main objective of the Partnership is to protect the natural environment and to give visitors to the west coast the opportunity to experience our region.

National Park Partnerships were established in 2003 in Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. Since then the project has been continuously developing and increased its visibility. Now there are already 180 National Park Partners, and the demand is steadily growing.

From this a decision-making body arose, a body that was founded in 2006 and since then has acted as an independent body for decisions on the certification of partner marketing activities as well as all other aspects related to the National Park Partners Project and advising the National Park Administration. This joint decision-making ensures acceptance in the region.

Participants in the decision-making body come from various stakeholders in the region and for the most part they work voluntarily:

  • Matthias Kundy (representative of the National Park Administration)
  • Christiane Gätje (representative of the National Park Administration)
  • Katja Just (representative of the National Park Partners)
  • Godber Kraas (representative of the National Park Partners)
  • Heike Hinrichsen (representative of the Island and Hallig Conference)
  • Walther Petersen-Andresen (representative of the National Park Mudflat Guides)
  • Anja Szczesinski (representative of the conservation organizations)
  • Annika Hansen (representative of Nordsee Tourism Service GmbH)

The National Park Administration signs contracts for the Partnership with the businesses and is, among other things, responsible for their regular training. It works on the development of the project in close collaboration with other national parks in Germany and its management is supported by inspektour GmbH tourism and leisure consulting in Hamburg and N.I.T. in Kiel.